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Cancer Survivorship Service

Falls – let’s reduce the risk

Nutrition – the key to good health

Help your heart with physical activity

Incontinence – it’s time to talk

Healthy bones for a healthy life

Caring for our carers

Stroke – manage the risk and act fast

Diabetes – Early detection the key to fighting diabetes

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – Don’t ignore it

Be good to your gut this Christmas

Feeling the Heat?

General publications

Castlemaine Health Statement of Priorities 2018-19

2018 Patient Information Guide

2016-2019 Aboriginal Employment Plan

2017 Shaping the Future of Castlemaine Health РSummary of Community Feedback 

2017 Cancer Survivorship РSurvive and Thrive poster

2017 Cancer Survivorship – Survive and Thrive brochure

2014-2019 Strategic Plan

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2018 Annual Report

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2018 Finance Report

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Quality Reports

2018 Quality Account Report

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2015 Quality of Care Report

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2010 Quality Of Care Report