District Nursing Service

What to do to make a referral to District Nursing Services

Referral can come from anyone in the community.

To assist us to identify client needs at home, prioritize and provide adequate care, DNS require referrals to contain the following information:

Referrals must include at least name, address, date of birth, phone number and reason for referral, and adequate information of why a visit is necessary.

Please note that referrals received by us will be prioritized and visits scheduled relating to urgency, client needs and DNS workload. 48 hours notice is required prior to DNS visit being arranged. For referrals received after 1500 on Fridays, visits are not routinely scheduled before the following Monday. No initial (first assessment visit) weekend visit should be expected without prior arrangement with the DNS manager.

Further information can be obtained from the District Nursing on phone 5471 1495.

This service is supported by financial assistance from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments.