My Home Network

October 9th, 2023

My Home Network is an independent network of individuals, organisations and community groups formed in 2019 in response to increasing community concern about the lack of affordable, safe, secure, and sustainable housing across Mount Alexander Shire.

The network advocates for greater housing support for vulnerable people in the community, as well as increased and improved crisis, transition, social and affordable housing. It works with members and community to explore innovative solutions to meet long-term housing needs and reduce housing stress.

My Home Network’s working groups include those with a specific focus on housing solutions in relation to vacant dwellings, Tiny Homes on Wheels, HomeShare and advocacy. You can read more about its members and work at: My Home Network

The My Home Network Coordinator role is auspiced by Dhelkaya Health. This means Dhelkaya Health provides a legal framework to ensure My Home Network can continue to receive funding, employ an independent Network Coordinator and further its important local work advocating for those in most need.

My Home Network Coordinator Kaz Neilson said:

 “To help address the growing issue of housing affordability, My Home Network collaborates with local businesses, Local, State and Federal Governments, community members and key stakeholders in our region to help address the growing issue of housing affordability.

 The network uses a strategic approach that combines advocacy and innovation to tackle these issues through goodwill, as well as respectful and trusted conversations. It also uses data, insight and trend analysis to ensure its strategic work is evidence-based, compliant with legislation and most effectively deploys the resources available. This whole-of-community approach helps us all understand what we can do to shape and inform place-based solutions that create real change for those in need.

 My Home Network runs regular public forums where all community members are invited to attend, question and discuss issues related to housing. We’re currently planning our next public forum, so if you have something you’d like to say, please get in touch so we can ensure you are part of this important and ongoing conversation.”

Contact details for Kaz Neilson are available online at: My Home Network

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