Access to Patient Information FOI


Patients wishing to obtain information are able to do so, subject to certain exemptions, under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Victoria). It is possible to obtain photocopies or view the original documents via this process.


All applications must be in writing and contain sufficient detail about the information you are requesting to enable us to identify and locate the relevant documents.

Our FOI Application Form is available to download via the link below.  Or you may contact us to obtain a copy of the form.

If you are applying for information of another living individual aged 18 years or older, the individual concerned must sign a written authorisation.

If you are applying for information of another living individual aged under 18 years, both parents/legal guardians must provide written authorisation.

If the individual is deceased, the most senior available next of kin must provide written authorisation.

All applications must be accompanied with certain documented evidence.

Our FOI Application Form provides further detail about required authorisations and what documented evidence must be provided.


Under the FOI Act, certain charges apply when requesting access to your information.         

Application Fee                $31.80

Photocopy Fee                  20 cents per copy

In accordance with the FOI Act, the application fee must be paid before we can consider your request valid. The application fee is a fixed cost set by the Victorian Government and is non-refundable. The only exception being for people suffering hardship who may request a waiver of the application fee.  Further detail on the possibility of the application fee being waivered is provided on our FOI Application Form.

Once your request has been approved, you will be notified of the remaining charges. These charges must be paid prior to the documents being released to you.

In accordance with the FOI Act 1982, we have 30 days to process a FOI request.  The time commences when we receive the application fee.


Freedom of Information Officer
Health Information Services
Dhelkaya Health
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Castlemaine Vic 3450

F.O.I. application form (click here)