Child Safe Statement

Castlemaine Health’s Child Safe Statement

Castlemaine Health is committed to:

• Enhancing the wellbeing of children in our services by ensuring their safety and by providing services in a safe environment free from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, violence and/or preventable injury

• Empowering and actively involving children in decision making, respecting their choices and acknowledging that they are active participants in their services

• Maintaining internal systems to protect children from abuse such as:

  • risk identification and mitigation
  • Working with Children Checks for all staff providing services to children
  • staff training and development
  • incident management systems
  • feedback management systems.

• Providing a consistent, sensitive and timely response to children who experience abuse or neglect or where abuse or neglect is suspected

• Responding to allegations of misconduct or abuse in ways that ensure children are protected from future harm

• Maintaining legal responsibilities for reporting and co-operating with agencies, such as Police and Government, in safeguarding children

• Designing and delivering services in accordance with the Child Safe Standards and the following principles:

  • promoting the cultural safety of Aboriginal children
  • promoting the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • promoting the safety of children with a disability

• Promoting Castlemaine Health’s ‘Code of Conduct When Working with Children and Young People’.