Integration with CHIRP

A shared future 

Castlemaine Health and CHIRP Community Health formally integrated on 1 October 2021

The integration was supported by an independent review and feedback from staff, consumers, partner organisations and the wider community. Both Boards formally endorsed integration at their meetings in June.

There are no changes to services or the staff delivering care for community health clients and the wider community as a result of integration. Community health services currently delivered from CHIRP’s premises on Mostyn Street will continue, as will the services being delivered in the community and at Castlemaine Health. Over time the integrated organisation expects to find natural opportunities to combine and grow services but this work has a longer-term horizon.

For now, the CEOs and teams from both organisations are working through the detail of integration to navigate the operational, governance and financial issues that will underpin successful integration. Much of their is focused on supporting staff and volunteers’ transition into the newly integrated organisation.

Accommodation options for community health services are also being considered as part of the mix to ensure easy access for clients and the local community.

Both CHIRP Community Health and Castlemaine Health will continue liaising with clients, community and partners over the next few months as finer details of integration are worked through.

Frequently asked questions

A set of FAQs are available to help answer any questions you may have about integration.

Community consultation

Last year, we asked for your views on what community services in Mount Alexander Shire should look like in the future.

An Engagement Insights Report and Appendix detailing the key things you told us during the consultation is now available.

Some of the key points of feedback include:

  • the importance of retaining all local community health services and programs;
  • the need to ensure that services and programs are easily accessible for all (physical access, clear information is available and a warm and welcoming environment)
  • staff and community would like to have more opportunities to stay involved in designing the future of community health services and programs.

What next?

We will keep people informed and engaged via the website, social media, local media, letters, meetings and consultation opportunities.