Integration with Maldon Hospital

Welcome Dhelkaya Health

A new interim branding approach has been developed for Dhellkaya Health. The interim brand brings together the logos from our three organisations. It has been designed to display the organisations’ logos together with equal standing rather than in any visual hierarchy to communicate that we are all working together equally for Dhelkaya Health.

Use of all three logos is deliberate and intentional because our logos and identities have long and established histories in the community, along with strong visual recognition. When our clients, patients and residents see our logos they are reassured that they’re going to the right place, so our interim branding draws on that identity strength.
The interim brand has been a consultative process, with representatives from all areas of Dhelkaya Health taking part in workshops to help define direction and agree on design options.

The interim branding is just that – interim. It is intended to help bring us together visually for the next 12-18 months until a more permanent brand identity is developed. That more permanent identity will be developed alongside the strategic planning process, which will also develop a new mission, vision and values for us all to share.

The interim brand has been designed for use on the most visible or frequently used ‘touchpoints’, such as letterhead, PowerPoint presentations, email signatures, brochures, signage, websites and social media. The roll-out is also designed to be cost-effective. It won’t be applied to everything, just the materials we use the most.

You’ll see the ‘together as Dhelkaya Health’ messaging already in place on the Castlemaine Health website and Maldon Hospital website, and is being applied to the CHIRP website.

See the new interim brand in a presentation.

A new health service for Mount Alexander Shire

The Victorian Government has approved the proposal put forward by the Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health boards to come together as one organisation. The new health service will officially commence on 1 March 2022. The integration follows more than 42 years of strong collaboration and partnership between the two health services.

Sue Race, Chief Executive Officer for both Castlemaine Health and Maldon Hospital, will continue in her role as Chief Executive Officer for the newly integrated organisation. Ms Race said that staff, residents and the community can expect the same excellent care they always have, with local teams focusing on the needs of patients and residents at each health service.

Following through on the Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health boards’ commitment to develop a new overarching entity name, they have worked with the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation, trading as DJAARA, to find a name. DJAARA’s Language Repatriation Officer, Harley Dunolly-Lee and the Djali Balak Language committee have provided their leadership to help define a name in Dja Dja Wurrung language.

The new overarching entity name will be ‘Dhelkaya Health’. Dhelkaya’s English translation means ‘Good/Being Healthy’. The choice of an Indigenous name acknowledges the Dja Dja Wurrung’s traditional ownership of the lands on which we live and work and expresses our gratitude to the Dja Dja Wurrung for sharing them with us.

The Minister for Health has appointed the new board of directors, which is made up of a balanced mix of directors from both Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health.

On day one, patients, residents and families will not experience any changes to the services they receive or the staff delivering their care. There will be no significant changes to how each local health service is run day to day.

Over time the integrated organisation expects to find natural opportunities to combine and grow services. The first key step in this process will be development of a new strategic plan. Staff, volunteers and communities will be consulted to help define a shared vision and plan for the future.

Further information on the transition to one organisation and how the community can get involved in helping to shape the future of health in Mount Alexander Shire will be published at and

Read the media release and FAQs.


Boards agree to join up for better healthcare

Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health are working together to deliver better healthcare and well-being services for the communities of Mount Alexander.

A proposal for the health services to formally come together to create a new health service, supported by a comprehensive business case, has been endorsed by the two Boards. In accordance with the Health Services Act, the proposal has been sent to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Minister for Health for consideration and for approval.

At their most recent meetings, the Boards agreed that a new, unified health service would benefit the community through enhanced services, improved staff development opportunities, and more efficient use of resources that enable more effective delivery of frontline services.

Read the background information and FAQs.

Community Presentation – Engagement Findings

The presentation of findings from the community engagement can be watched here.