Maternity services review

In May 2020 Castlemaine Health Board of Management, in discussions with the Director Medical Services, Safer Care Victoria (SCV) and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), endorsed a decision to suspend Castlemaine Health’s maternity services.

The Board commissioned an independent review of the maternity service to examine the procedures, policies, clinical practice protocols and clinical governance systems that determine the capacity, capability and safety of a maternity service.

In late June 2020 the Castlemaine Health Board of Management accepted and endorsed the final Maternity Service Review report and its recommendations, which included the development of a new model of maternity care and strengthening the clinical governance processes. The service has been suspended until the key recommendations are addressed.

One of the recommendations arising from the review focused on partnering with the community. In July 2020 Castlemaine Health sought nominations from the community to join the Maternity Services Consumer Committee and help shape the future of maternity services in the region. Meet the Maternity Services Consumer Committee

Read a summary of the findings from the Castlemaine Health Maternity Service Review June 2020.

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