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2021-22 Annual Report – Dhelkaya Health

2020-21 Annual Report

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2019 Finance Report

Strategic Plan

Castlemaine Health Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022

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Children’s Services brochure

Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Service brochure

Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship poster

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Castlemaine Health Patient Information Guide 2020/21

Castlemaine Health Statement of Priorities 2018-19

2017 Shaping the Future of Castlemaine Health – Summary of Community Feedback 

Staff Gifts Benefits And Hospitality Register 2018-2019

Staff Gifts Benefits And Hospitality Register 2019-2020

Volunteer Positions at Castlemaine Health

Health education

Cancer Survivorship Service

Falls – let’s reduce the risk

Nutrition – the key to good health

Help your heart with physical activity

Incontinence – it’s time to talk

Healthy bones for a healthy life

Caring for our carers

Stroke – manage the risk and act fast

Diabetes – Early detection the key to fighting diabetes

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – Don’t ignore it

Be good to your gut this Christmas

Feeling the Heat?

New lymophoedema clinic brings treatment to Castlemaine for the first time

NDIS Working together to achieve your goals

Heart Health

New approach for chronic wound care

Managing persistent pain

Support after Stroke

Children’s Week – Little Steps, Big Impact

Breathe easier with the right support

Host a healthy Christmas

Heatwave health

Connect for better health

Stop the spread – Basics are best when it comes to infection control and Stop the spread Q&A

In this together

Bring your specialist home with telehealth

Masks – An important defence against COVID19

Project Research

Pathways in a supportive care model for optimising cancer survivorship care for all older people in a rural health facility

Quality Reports

2019 Quality Account Report Highlights

2019 Quality Account Report (accessible word)

2019 Quality Account Report (pdf)

2018 Quality Account Report

2017 Quality Account Report

2016 Quality Account Report

2015 Quality of Care Report