Safe Patient Care Act

Safe Patient Care Act

In compliance with the Safe Patient Care Act (Nurse to Patient Ratios) Amendment Act 2019, Castlemaine Health rosters nurses according to the information below.

Mixed wards

Geroe Acute/Maternity 20 beds

  • Name of the mixed ward: Geroe
  • Total number of occupied beds in the mixed ward: 20 beds (3 Birthing Suite/Postnatal and 17 Acute)
  • Expected number of occupied beds in each portion of the ward during the following six month period: 15
  • Different ratios that apply to each portion are as follows:
Shift Birthing suite Postnatal Acute
AM 1 midwife (on-call) 1:4 1:5 plus in charge
PM 1 midwife (on-call) 1:4 1:6 plus in charge
Night 1 midwife (on-call) 1:6 1:10 plus in charge

This information is correct at 28 February 2023.