Complex Care/HARP

Complex Care/HARP

The Complex Care/HARP (Hospital Admission Risk Program) provides support to people with chronic disease, those who are aged and/or have complex needs (including psychiatric disability or mental health issues) and people who frequently use hospitals or are at risk of unplanned hospitalisation.

The key objectives of Complex Care/HARP are to:

  • improve patient outcomes
  • provide integrated, seamless care within and across hospital and community sectors
  • reduce avoidable hospital admissions and emergency department presentations
  • ensure equitable access to health care.

The service is staffed by community nurses and social workers, who work closely with other allied health staff to provide patient-centred care coordination, education and self-management support.

There is no fee associated with this service, however staff may recommend programs, services and equipment that attract a fee. Clients are not obligated to accept any of these.

For further information please call (03)5471 3676.