Hospital in the Home

What is Hospital in the Home?

Hospital in The Home (HITH) is an acute care service that provides care in the home that would otherwise need to be delivered within a hospital setting as an inpatient. HITH provides an alternative to admission to hospital or an earlier discharge from hospital.

Who can receive Hospital in the Home? 

Anyone who is deemed to be medically stable by their doctor and who meets the HITH eligibility criteria.

Who will care for me at home?

Once you are registered as a HITH patient, you will be given information about your condition, the treatment plan, and when you should seek help.

A nurse will visit as required to provide care, treatment and to monitor your progress.  You may also receive services from allied health staff while you are a patient of HITH. These might include:

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech pathology
  • dietitian
  • social work.

The frequency and length of visits will be determined by your individual needs.

If you need any further medical supplies for your treatment this will be organised by the nurses.

What are my rights?

Dhelkaya Health recognises that you have the right to withdraw your consent for home-based care. Dhelkaya Health also has the right to withdraw treatment if your medical condition or social situation changes.  Under these circumstances you may be transferred to an inpatient hospital bed.

What are my responsibilities during my HITH home stay? 

  • Admission to HITH is voluntary, you must consent to having your care at home
  • You agree to share responsibility for your own medical care in your home
  • You are required to return to the hospital if advised by our staff to do so
  • You need to be at home for scheduled visits or notify us if you need to reschedule your planned visit
  • Provide a smoke free, safe environment for our team.
  • Ensure pets are restrained in another room or outside while our team is visiting
  • Your medical history will be left at your house – please keep it in a safe place together with any medication or equipment provided by the hospital
  • Continue to take regular medications yourself
  • You need to have a phone and a contact name and phone number in case of an emergency

When do I see my doctor?

You will need to be regularly reviewed by your treating doctor.  The medical reviews may occur at your home, at your GP’s clinic, or at the Urgent Care Centre at Dhelkaya Health.

Is there a cost to me?

No. Medications, dressings or equipment needed for your care will be supplied free of charge while you are on HITH.

What if I need help or advice? 

If your health declines at home, a HITH clinician can review you in your home. If deemed necessary you may need to be reviewed at Urgent Care or readmitted to hospital to continue your care.  You will need to bring your HITH paperwork with you.

If you are concerned about your health at any time while you are on the program you can ring 5471 3495 during the hours of 8am – 6pm seven days a week. In a medical emergency, dial triple zero (000) and ask for an ambulance.

What happens when I’m discharged from the HITH program? 

When the doctor confirms that you no longer require hospital type care, you will be discharged from HITH. This will be explained to you and a discharge plan will be formulated to ensure a smooth transition of your care. We recommend you follow up with your GP about one week after discharge from HITH

Contact details

HITH Coordinator
Monday to Friday
8am to 4:30pm
Phone 5471 3495

HITH Nursing Service
7 days a week
8am to 6pm
Phone 54713495

Phone 54713499