Continence service

What is the continence service?

The continence service offers a confidential assessment service for men, women and children at home or in the Community Rehabilitation Centre. The service is provided by a continence nurse advisor and continence physiotherapist.

Who is it for?

The continence team help men, women and children with bladder and bowel problems.

They help you understand your bladder or bowel problem and advise you on management options. Treatment may include:

  • advice on managing your condition
  • pelvic floor muscle re-education and bladder training
  • continence aids and purchase options.

How can it help?

The continence service can help through:

  • help you better understand your problem
  • assessment and investigation
  • treatment including pelvic floor muscle re-education and  bladder retraining and bowel management
  • education and advice about urinary catheter management
  • information on continence pads, other aids and appliances including access to funding where eligible
  • education for health professionals and community groups

What does it involve?

A continence nurse advisor and physiotherapist are part of the continence service. They will provide a confidential assessment at home or in the Community Rehabilitation. From there, you will be offered appropriate treatment for your circumstances.


The Continence Service costs $15 or $8.50 for Pension/Healthcare Card holders.

Fees can be reduced or waived in cases of financial difficulties.

More information

Contact the CRC to find out more about our Continence service.

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