Children’s services

What are children’s services?

Castlemaine Health’s children’s services are specialist services for babies and children under school age with a developmental delay or disability. They’re also for older children.

The multidisciplinary approach combines the skills of specialists in the fields of:

  • speech pathology
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry
  • occupational therapy
  • dietetics
  • continence service
  • paediatrician.

Who is it for?

Our services help families make informed decisions about theirs and their child’s needs. Families must live in the Mount Alexander and Central Goldfields shires to be eligible.

We are a registered NDIS provider and our children’s services are available for NDIS clients. Visit our NDIS site to find out more.

How can it help?

When you have concerns about your child’s development or worry they’re not keeping up with their peers, it can be stressful and isolating. Helping children reach their potential is central to everything the children’s services team does. In particular, children’s rights to education, learning and development.

All children go through the same stages, some just progress at a different pace. Our service helps find and address the little steps that might be missing in their development.

Sometimes its about being ready. Other times it might be a small thing that’s holding them back. Perhaps they’re having trouble sitting still or concentrating, or their vision is poor. These are all things the service can help with.

What does it involve?

Our therapy is play-based and very interactive. Support for parents and the whole family is also an important part of our service. Services may include:

  • home visits
  • playgroups
  • individual therapy
  • parent groups
  • support for childcare centres
  • kindergartens
  • support during transition to kindergarten or school.

Castlemaine Health is committed to valuing, empowering and providing a safe environment for all children. This commitment is upheld by all staff within the organisation.

More information

Contact the CRC for more information.