Falls and Balance program

What is the Falls and Balance program?

This program helps you understand issues affecting balance, mobility, and risk of falling. You’ll learn how to better manage these issues to improve your balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Who is it for?

The program is for people concerned about balance. It helps people who are having falls, who feel anxious about falling, or are at risk of having a fall.

Many issues can increase the risk of having a fall. These include:

  • dizziness
  • difficulty exercising eg heart/arthritis problems
  • difficulty with daily activities, e.g. dressing or bathing
  • inactivity for a long time
  • unsteadiness/wobbly on feet
  • being scared and avoiding activities
  • foot problems
  • recent weight loss/poor appetite
  • blurred/double vision
  • trouble with glare or dim lighting.

How can it help?

The program can help you improve your strength and balance, and reduce your risk of having a fall. You’ll become more aware of early warning signs that often come with ageing, such as loss of mobility and strength. You’ll learn practical steps to help manage these issues and improve your independence.

What does the program involve?

The first step is a comprehensive assessment with our Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. Then, you’ll set your goals based on what you’d like to achieve from the program.

We’ll then provide any of the following services you may need, such as:

  • individual physiotherapy sessions for balance and mobility training
  • a home safety assessment by an Occupational Therapist
  • an appointment with other allied health workers eg. Podiatrist, Dietician, Continence Nurse
  • option to join our Better Balance group.

How do I join?

You’ll need a referral from:

  • your GP
  • other allied health professionals
  • My Aged Care assessors.

Once we’ve received your referral, we’ll contact you to arrange your assessment.

If your referral is not from your GP, please make an appointment with your GP to obtain a detailed list of your medical issues and medications. This will ensure we’re aware of any conditions that may affect your balance, and any precautions we need to consider for your safety.

More information

Contact the CRC for more information.