Visiting during COVID-19

Visiting patients and residents during COVID-19 restrictions

Geroe Acute/Connolly Rehabilitation

No visitors are permitted except for end-of-life reasons, as a support partner for birth, or a parent to accompany a child.

Please contact the Nurse Unit Manager to discuss compassionate visits, support for birth visits or if you are a parent accompanying a child.

Residential aged care

Visitors are welcome between 10am and 4pm daily. However, restrictions are in place:

  • limit of two visitors per day
  • visitors must show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination prior to entry and wear an N95 mask for the duration of the visit (N95 will be provided on arrival)
  • unvaccinated visitors may enter but must test for COVID-19 via rapid antigen test or saliva test on arrival, with evidence of negative test is required for entry.

Please note unvaccinated visitors are strongly discouraged from visiting at this time for the protection of our residents and staff. However, if there is a compelling reason for visiting (e.g. compassionate grounds) then please contact your Nurse Unit Manager. You will need to be briefed on the specific requirements for COVID-19 testing that will begin before your visit and extend after the time of your arrival, as well as the requirement to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) for the duration of your visit.

Compassionate visits are always available, so please contact your Nurse Unit Manager to discuss your circumstances.