Murray to Moyne 2023

Our 2023 Murray to Moyne fundraiser is now underway. You can make a donation to support the Murray to Moyne riders by clicking on the image below or calling 54713310.

Make a donation

Your gift can make a very real and lasting difference to your local health service. All donations are acknowledged and we respect the privacy of those who wish to remain anonymous.

Your donation will contribute to the purchase of important equipment. It will also go towards projects that improve facilities for patients, staff and volunteers. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, some of the purchases we’ve recently made include:

  • new blinds for Geroe Acute for better management of light and temperature
  • furniture for our aged care residences
  • transforming our maternity ward into a comfortable, modern home-like environment
  • new defibrillators

How to donate

You can donate online via GiveNow or via phone by calling 5471 3555.