Residential Aged Care

Making the decision to enter into residential care is a big decision. It’s not easy. But it’s often a very positive change for people and their families.

Castlemaine Health and Maldon Hospital amalgamated in 2022. They are both now part of Dhelkaya Health.

Dhelkaya Health has three residential houses at Castlemaine Health, 142 Cornish Street, Castlemaine:

  • Ellery House
  • Thompson House
  • Penhall Hostel

Dhelkaya Health also has two residential houses at Maldon Hospital, 1 Chapel Street, Maldon:

  • Jesse Bowe House
  • Mountview Home

While new residents can choose between Maldon and Castlemaine, a resident’s care needs is an important factor in helping determine which house will suit them best.

All our residences offer close-knit communities supported by caring, local staff. Our residents enjoy their independence. They make their own decisions about:

  • lifestyle
  • menus
  • hairdressing
  • personal care
  • social activities
  • health classes.

We encourage people to bring in their own furnishings and personal mementos for their rooms. Shared or single rooms are available, along with access to communal sitting, dining and recreational areas.

Dhelkaya Health’s residential care is fully accredited under the Commonwealth Aged Care Residential Services Accreditation Program.

Arrange a visit or find out more

If you’re considering the move, you are welcome to visit us. We’ll introduce you for a chat with our our staff and residents to see if it might suit your family.

To arrange a visit or ask about our residential care, call Residential Aged Care Admissions call (03) 5471 3777.