Maternity services

Castlemaine Health provides public maternity and birthing services to women with healthy, low-risk pregnancies. Care is provided within a GP Obstetrician model of care with pregnancy and birth attendance provided by the local GP Obstetrician of your choice.

At Castlemaine Health, we provide a woman-centred approach to natural and safe birthing in a home-like setting. Each birth approached as a shared family event rather than a clinical procedure.

Antenatal hospital visits, labour care, classes, lactation and other support services are provided by an experienced team of midwives working in consultation with your GP Obstetrician.

Maternity services review

Castlemaine Health completed a review of maternity services in May/June 2020. The review has recommended a new model of maternity care be put in place. It also recommended new clinical and governance processes. Birthing at our services is paused while the recommendations are implemented. Antenatal services are continuing.

Read more about the Maternity Services Review.

Birth rooms

We have three family birth rooms with ensuites and a separate deep bath to support water immersion in labour. Our rooms feature calming décor and beautiful views over Castlemaine. All our rooms have a breastfeeding chair, television and ensuite shower and toilet facilities.

We support natural, active birthing techniques and work with families to support personal choices within the Safer Care Victoria Maternity Guidelines.

Should you wish your children to be present during birth or immediately afterwards, an adult support person is required to care for them.

Booking in

Women wishing to birth at Castlemaine Health should contact the service prior to reaching week 16 of the pregnancy. A referral from a Castlemaine GP obstetrician is necessary to begin the process.

The initial appointment is with a Registered Midwife. It will include discussion about your health history and birthing plans.

Please contact the midwife on duty by telephone on 54713471 to make an appointment. Booking in times are offered on Mondays and Thursdays.


Castlemaine Health provides a Domiciliary Maternity Home Care service to support new and expanding families within the first week of birth. It is available to all women who have birthed within the public health system and who reside within the Mount Alexander Shire. Referrals can be made by other hospitals to access this service.

Length of stay

Length of stay depends on the needs and wellbeing of the new family.

Childbirth information classes

Castlemaine Health provides information sessions to support families interested in learning more about pregnancy, labour and preparing for parenthood. There is a weekend Childbirth Education Workshops, Physiotherapy in Pregnancy evening sessions and access to the Australian Breastfeeding Associations Breastfeeding Education sessions.

For more information on dates and times please call Maternity Services on 54713471.