Maternity services

Maternity services at Castlemaine Health re-opened in a two-stage approach from 22 March 2021. Services will be fully operational from 3 May 2021.

How the two-stage approach will work.

Pregnancy care

Maternity services re-opened for referrals for pregnancy care Monday 22 March 2021.

Women who meet the criteria for care at Castlemaine Health and who are 31 weeks gestation or less on 22 March can:

  • Self-refer by contacting Castlemaine Health maternity services direct by calling 5471 3526
  • Be referred by their general practitioner or general practitioner obstetrician.

Birthing services

Birthing services will open from Monday 3 May 2021 for births from 37 weeks gestation up to 42 weeks gestation, in line with the capability of a Level 2 maternity service.

About the service

Castlemaine Health is a Level 2 maternity service, offering local care for women and babies at low risk.

At Castlemaine Health a primary midwife will care for you throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting, both in hospital and at home after the birth of your baby.

Primary midwives will collaborate with general practitioner obstetricians, allied health and support services throughout your care to ensure you have the right level of care and access to other specialist if needed.

The service has a strong relationship with Bendigo Health, a Level 5 maternity service. The two work closely together to ensure women transition smoothly between the services when required and benefit from the expertise, care and oversight of a broader team of clinical specialists.

Women referred to Castlemaine Health maternity service from 22 March 2021 will be allocated to one of three care pathways based on their needs, preferences and clinical profile.

Midwifery Group Practice: where the woman will be cared for by a primary known midwife throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting.

Collaborative Shared Care: where the woman will receive pregnancy care from their chosen General Practice Obstetrician and a known midwife. Their midwife will then provide care for labour and birth and early parenting.

Complex Maternity Care: will be available to women who are not suitable for care at Castlemaine Health due to a higher risk profile. These women will be cared for at Bendigo Health or a higher-level service but may be suitable for transfer back to Castlemaine Health for care after the birth of their baby.

Local women can access maternity services at Bendigo Health until services at Castlemaine Health are fully operational. Your GP Obstetrician will be able to explain the options available.

The experienced midwives at Castlemaine Health continue to deliver antenatal and other support services. These include lactation services and Domiciliary Maternity Home Care.

Domiciliary Maternity Home Care supports new and expanding families within the first week of birth and is available to all women who have birthed within the public health system and reside within the Mount Alexander Shire. Referrals can be made by other hospitals to access this service.

If you would like to speak with our midwifery team about any of these services please call 5471 3526.

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