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Website accessibility

Making sure information about Maternity Services is accessible is very important to us.

We’ve designed and built our website for everyone. This includes people with disabilities and people who do not speak English or who have limited understanding of the language. We aim to meet worldwide web accessibility standards, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Our accessibility menu is at the top of every page. Just click on the accessibility icon.

If you find reading on a screen difficult, or just prefer to read offline you can also print any page using the print icon.

Keyboard only users

You do not need to be able to use a mouse to access our website.

If you’re a keyboard only user, you can use the Tab key and other keystrokes to access all the functions including links, buttons and the menu.

Once you load a page, hitting the Tab button will cycle you through the buttons, menu items and links. A box that appears around the item you have selected shows you where you are. Click Enter to choose that item.

Screen readers

If you use a screen reader we’ve added all the coding to the backend of the website for your screen reading software.

Many computers and mobile devices have built in text-to-speech or screen reader software. For more details visit Vision Australia.


Our sitemap is a simple list of all the pages on the website. Some people find this an easier way to see what’s on the website and how it all fits together.

Languages other than English

Some people in our community do not speak English or have limited understanding of the language. To make sure everyone can access our services we have:

Website translation

The website has a translation option. Just select your preferred language from the drop down list at the bottom of each page.


TIS National delivers this free service on behalf of the Australian Government and offers access to over 3,000 interpreters in over 160 different languages.

If you need an interpreter just let our maternity team know and we’ll take care of everything.

Translated resources

Translated resources are available from Health Translations.

Health Translations is a Victorian Government initiative. It provides direct links to reliable, translated health and wellbeing resources produced in Australia by government departments, peak health bodies, hospitals and community health and welfare organisations. Resources are available in over 100 languages.

If the site does not meet your specific needs, or if you have trouble finding or accessing information, use our contact form and we’ll be in touch to help you find the information you need.