The Geroe Unit is named in honour of Dr George Geroe who worked as a GP at Castlemaine Hospital for 42 years.  During this time Dr Geroe epitomised the older style GP.  Not only did he work as the family doctor he also performed major surgical procedures and did obstetrics.

The Geroe Unit comprises medical, surgical, obstetrics and has an urgent care centre.

Referrals are made to the ward by patients GP or from other hospitals such as Metropolitan or Regional Health Services. These referrals need to have consent from patient and receiving GP.  Patients usually reside in Mt Alexander Shire and have a local doctor.

Safe Patient Care Act

In compliance with the Safe Patient Care Act (Nurse to Patient Ratios) Amendment Act 2019, Castlemaine Health rosters nurses according to the information below.

Geroe: Acute/Maternity 20 beds
• The name of the mixed ward: Geroe
• The total number of occupied beds in the mixed ward: 20 beds (3 Birthing Suite/Postnatal & 17 Acute)
• The different ratios that would apply to each portion;

Shift Birthing suite Postnatal Acute
AM 1 midwife (oncall) 1:4 1:5 plus in charge
PM 1 midwife (oncall) 1:4 1:6 plus in charge
Night 1 midwife (oncall) 1:6 1:10 plus in charge


• The expected number of occupied beds in each portion of the ward during the
following 6 month period: 20