The unit is named in honour of Dr. G.T. Connolly who pioneered rehabilitation for the aged during the 1970’s when he was a medical officer at Castlemaine Health.

The Dr. G.T. Connolly Rehabilitation Unit at Castlemaine Health is an accredited service offering a wide range of services following surgery, post acute illness, stroke, accident/falls risk or general debilitation. There is also a capacity to admit patients for restorative care or emergency respite.

Referrals are made to the ward on  specific application form from patients GP or from other hospitals such as Metropolitan or Regional Health Services. These referrals need to have consent from patient. Patients usually reside in locations such as Mt Alexander , Macedon Ranges, Central Goldfields,  and  Loddon Shires.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services Referral Form available here – only to be used by medical staff to refer a care recipient for Inpatient Rehabilitation Services.