Our Babies and Infants service builds a solid foundation for your child’s early years.

Our specialists will work with all the people in your child’s life. We’ll help you navigate challenges and support you when you need it. In the home and out in the community, we’ll be there for you.

You’ll have access to Castlemaine Health’s network of experts. You’ll also benefit from the simplicity of a close relationship with one key worker.

Developing communication skills

The communication skills your baby learns in their first year of life help set them up for the future. Recognising and experimenting with sounds. Saying a few words and making gestures. These are all important milestones we look for in your baby’s development. All babies develop at different rates but if your baby needs a little extra support we can help.

Improving mobility

Babies go through enormous physical changes in their first year. They learn to move by crawling, rolling and walking. They learn to balance, stand and sit. Babies do things at their own pace. But if your baby needs some support or equipment to help them move more easily, we can help.

Building independence

Your baby is learning every day through play, through exploring and observing. They might hold a spoon and eat solid foods, or drink from a cup. They might turn a page or wave goodbye. They develop these skills through experience. Babies are all different. If your baby needs a little extra support learning everyday skills, we can help.

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