Our Early Years service improves your child’s emotional and physical health. We’ll help your child grow in confidence as they learn to become more independent.

Our specialists will work with all the people in your child’s life. We’ll help you navigate challenges and support you when you need it. In the home and out in the community, we’ll be there for you.

You’ll have access to Castlemaine Health’s network of experts. You’ll also benefit from the simplicity of a close relationship with one keyworker.

Developing communication skills

Understanding language and communicating are important steps in your child’s development. Sometimes children may have trouble speaking. They might find it hard to put words together or make sentences. They may seem to struggle to understand what's going on around them. Or become frustrated because people don't seem to understand them. We're specialists in helping children in their early years communicate using spoken words, pictures, technology and signs. We can help your child develop their abilities and grow in confidence using spoken words, pictures, technology and signs.

Building independence and improving mobility

At this age children are exploring all the different ways to play and move. They might be learning to run, jump and balance. They might be learning to coordinate their arms and legs, or mastering new skills like throwing and catching, or learning to play with others. If your child isn’t able to move as easily as they’d like then we can help. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored exercise program for your child. We'll suggest equipment and techniques to help improve movement over time. We'll also get to know your child so we can motivate them to want to take those next steps. Often families need help too. Safe techniques for lifting and supporting children are important skills for parents. Our team can offer the right support, advice on skills and equipment to make day-to-day life a little easier.

Learning to do everyday things

Learning everyday life skills is a big part of getting ready for pre-school, kinder and school. There's a lot to learn. They might be learning skills for their morning routine. Skills like brushing their teeth, eating breakfast or pouring milk. They could be getting comfortable having haircuts and toileting. Learning to take part in sport and games, or establishing a comfortable sleep routine. If your child needs some extra support, we’re here to help.

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