As your child moves through childhood their need for independence grows with them.

Our Kids and Teens service will improve your child’s emotional and physical health. We’ll help them increase their abilities and skills. We’ll also help you build on your strengths and support you in your caring role.

Our specialists will work with all the people in your child’s life. Whether you’re at home or out in the community we’ll help you navigate the challenges and support you when you need it.

You’ll have access to Castlemaine Health’s network of experts. You’ll also have your own key worker who will develop a program based on your needs and help you manage it. So everything is really simple.

Developing skills for school success

The school years are a time of rapid change. Young people go through big emotional and physical changes. They also face practical challenges. Your child needs help moving about by themselves in the school grounds. Support with communication and forming friendships. They might need help with everyday tasks like packing a school bag or writing by hand. Our experts will be there to help you and your child transition through each new stage of learning.

Creating a supportive home environment

Our homes can be busy places, especially during the school years. We understand that your home may need to change to adapt to your family's changing needs. We'll suggest the best technologies and home modifications to suit. We can also guide you through the process of securing these resources for your home. With the right supports, your child’s functioning and every life skills will grow with them.

Building community connections

Being with friends and enjoying life in the community is important. Your child needs to develop independence and feel more confident as they make their way in the world. Your child might enjoy sport or being social with friends. Or they may be trying to master everyday tasks like catching trains and buses or going shopping. Castlemaine Health is part of the community. We have the connections and know-how to help your child go after their goals and follow their dreams.

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