Deanna Blakely Speech Pathologist & Early Childhood Intervention Service Manager at Castlemaine Health with mother and child

I see children who are late talkers or who may not be talking at all. I help children understand what is being said to them and to develop their own language skills. Sometimes this might mean finding another way to talk such as signing, using pictures or a speech device.

Developing play and social skills is another part of my work. If children are fussy with food I can help with that too.

Helping children to communicate decreases their frustration. It makes them happier and can lead to better behaviour. I make sure families have the tools they need to help develop their child’s speech and language themselves as well.

My visits with children can be at home, kinder, childcare, school and out in the community – wherever they may be. We can also meet at our centre if that’s what a family prefers.

Assessments are also part of my role. These can be to help with funding applications for children going off to school. Or just to let parents know where their child’s development is at.

I meet so many wonderful children and families. I love watching a child’s confidence grow as they learn to speak and can be understood by others.

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