Smitha Kumar Occupational Therapist Castlemaine

My work is all about helping people to be as independent as possible. This means finding ways to help them make more of their time at school, work, home and in the community. It’s also about helping young children achieve important developmental milestones.

Sometimes people need assistive technology, like wheelchairs or scooters. Or it could be daily living aids they need, things like chairs, recliners or pressure cushions. Home modifications are part of this too. I might recommend grab rails or bathroom modifications for someone’s home.

A big part of my work is education and support. That could be educating parents and carers to help them support someone to develop. Or it could be to help someone manage fatigue and conserve energy so that they can get through the day.

People come to me when they are finding it hard to live the lives they’d like to. They might have mobility or cognition issues. They might be struggling to care for themselves or socialise with others. Parents come to me if their children are struggling at school. Or their children are struggling to manage emotions and sensory information.

My goal is always to help each person be as independent as possible. I love helping people come with their own solutions. It’s  rewarding to see someone reach their potential. To have helped them realise their goals while living with an impairment or disability.

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